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Asker Orthodontic Center’s purpose is to provide the ever-growing dental society in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the international dental community with constantly updated evidence based knowledge in the orthodontic field. We aim to supply our course participants with the diagnostic hints and the clinical tips that would help them reach a successful treatment plan for their orthodontic cases, as well as assist them in managing varying types of cases.


We strive to be a leading global educational beacon for general dentists and dental specialists in the field of Orthodontics and to raise the standards of dental service in the Orthodontic field to the highest quality possible.

 • About the lecturer

Dr. Amr Asker received his BDS from the Faculty of Oral & Dental surgery at Mansoura University in 2006.

-in 2010 he finished his post graduate study in oral & maxillofacial surgery at Cairo university then he joined orthodontic department at Donau university- Austria where he has gotten his master degree in orthodontics and has become a member of Europe orthodontic society. He is the founder of Asker Orthodontic center and institute which is ADA C.E.R.P (American Dental Association) provider for post graduate orthodontic education and courses, and his practice is limited to orthodontic and multidisciplinary dentistry.

– at the end of 2011, he became a member of the International Association of Orthodontics-USA – In 2013, he became Damon certified, then international board eligible in orthodontics and implantology in 2015, which helped him a lot in orthodontic implant combination cases, an area of particular interest to him.

Dr. Asker specialized in management of impacted teeth, class III cases and micro-implants and has received an award from the Egyptian Association of Implantologists for his lecture about Micro-implant uses in orthodontics.

Dr. Asker has given lectures and presentations in many conferences locally and internationally in many countries, such as international orthodontic symposium IOS Prague 2018, FDI Argentina 2018, EDSIC 2018-2017, AEEDC Dubai 2015., FDI India 2014, APDC Dubai 2014, FDI Istanbul 2013 and MIDC 2013.

-Dr Amr has published many articles in many international journal and he is a country representative for EuroAsia orthodontic Association and the author of Asker orthodontic atlas.

 • Why us?

So many goals that we expect you to achieve:


We will allow you to help your orthodontic patients at a high level immediately. You’ll start by building your foundations & work up to treating or managing the majority of your orthodontic cases.


We are specialists in orthodontic teaching for more than 10 years and finished more than 55 basic, advanced & speciality courses nationally and internationally with more than 2000 graduated GP orthodontist.


Your certificate credit hours is legalized by ADA (American Dental Association) as Asker orthodontic center is ADA recognized provider, also anyone can check it on our website.