Basic to advanced course


Basic to advanced course are designed for GP orthodontists and general practitioners to take them in Orthodontic world  and practice Orthodontics in two and half months.

It is consisted of lectures and hands on workshops.

Lectures will cover the following titles:


-Classification of maloccllusion


-Cast analysis

-Radiographic examination


-How to gain space


-Etiology of malocclusion

-Oral habits

-Bonding tricks

-Step by Step Ttt plan

-Ortho. management of impacted teeth

-Class II

-Class III

-Open and deep bite

-Mixed dentition dilemma

-Removable appliances


-Finishing+Retention protocols

-Errors and complications

Hands on workshops:

1-Fixed appliance Instrumentation

2-Space analysis


4-Dental Photography

5-Fixed retainer

6-Cephalometric Tracing

By the end of the course ,every participant will be able to:

-Manage most of ortho. cases by himself

-Learn growth maturity indicators

-Estimate the best time for intervention in orthodontic cases

-Use appliances that interfere with deleterious oral habits

-Manage space problems in mixed dentition

-Learn and see most of ortho. appliances and use it in ortho. treatment

-guide lab. in ortho. appliances construction

-Know complications and how to avoid it

-Market yourself

Every Candidate will have Asker Orthodontic Atlas

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