Dr Amr no words will be enough for such a great person and mentor like you 😊😊 thank you so much for everything you taught us and your great efforts and informations 😊😊the best orthodontics ever ☺️☺️ربنا يزيد حضرتك من علمه وينفع بيك ديما 🙏🙏
Ortho is a mind game & I have decided to play it ✌ Thank u Dr Amr Asker for that perfect course Can't be more grateful for your support, motivation & giving us hope that there's a light at the end of the road Really proud to be one of ur students
Thank you so much for everyone who organized and participated in this amazing training course. It was very exciting to learn about new technologies, gain knoweledge and experience both clinicaly and academically. The course was very well organized in terms of timing and scheduling. I would like to specially thank our team and Dr.Amr Asker for his amazing way in explaining complicated subjects in a simple way. It was a memorable experience! You guys rock!
" Success can be defined as the progressive realization of a predetermined goal “ I don’t know where to start plus I really am trying to make this as short as possible which I’m failing miserably at 🤦‍♀️😅 But just please bear with me .. Let’s start off with gratitude , shall we ? I’d like to take a brief moment to express how honored and grateful I truly am for getting the chance to learn from such amazing doctors . Thanks everyone for one of the most rewarding, informative and inspiring experiences I’ve had in a while . No amount of words can give you justice to be honest . Speaking of inspiration ; what a true inspiration dr Amr Asker is !!! The best mentor ever and one of the most passionate, hardworking, and down to earth people I’ve ever gotten the chance to meet . The kind of person you look up to and set as your role model for the rest of your career . * Answering everyone who asked ; Yes , I highly recommend the course for anyone interested in orthodontics . I personally never thought learning could become pure enjoyment till seven weeks ago * { to whoever gets to this point : congrats you are officially a champion for finishing this annoyingly long post 🥇🏆😂}
I am very happy to attend the course of Dr. Amr for orthodontics, everything is very wonderful and excellent organization and scientific interest is very high
I came to attend the course of Dr. Amr Asker, the benefits of the course practical, knowledge and useful in the business and also the management of dental center
I am thanking allah that he made me attend the course of Dr. Amr Asker in early time because I am a fresh graduate of the 2016 and my advise to all dentists to attend this course as soon as possible
That's the first time I visit Egypt to attend a course. I am very happy for what I get from the information and expertise help me engaged in the field of orthodontics
I would like to thank Dr. Amr Asker for the wonderful effort and the beautiful explanation and because he give us all information also he do alot of activates before the lecture and permanent tests
I'm a post graduate student of orthodontics in a very remote area of india. Here we have lot of patients but a lack of exposure. You are my guru. I follow you relifiosly because you are my inspiration. I look at your cases and aspire to do better. Your presentation is spot on, photography soothing but most importantly your mechanics are simple to understand and make a lot of sense. Thank you again